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About the Ministry

The goal of Wings As Eagles Ministries is to:

1) Assist and inform Christian married couples on how to be free from anything in their lives that is keeping them from being all that they can be in Christ. This will free couples to have a deeper relationship with Christ and each other.

2) Assist Christian married couples who have been victims of child abuse and expose the root cause so that the victims of child abuse do not continue to strike out against their spouse in an attempt to "protect" themselves from being "abused". It's a well known fact that an abused person's past will come full circle.
Many victims of child abuse, abuse their spouse out of paranoia that their spouse will abuse them or is thinking about abusing them, just like they remember as a child. It is the intention of this ministry to expose this "victim mentality" so that the child abuse victim is able to fully appreciate and love their spouse, bringing peace to the home, living as victors in Christ and not victims of their past.

3) Provide a list of deliverance ministries nationwide, and assist in plugging in couples to a ministry in their own area that can provide them with ongoing care.

     God values marriage so highly because the marriage relationship represents the relationship between Christ and His church. Unfortunately, the Church has been irresponsible in defending marriage and has let worldly immorality (divorce) infect the church. The line between Christians and the world is getting more blurred as time goes by. Many pastors are more afraid of offending people and losing tithers than to stand up for morality. Others want to justify their own immorality. No longer are Christians policing themselves as Jesus and Paul preached.

     We live in a disposable society where we want what we want when we want it. When we are done with it, we throw it away and look for something better. It makes no difference if it is a razor, a car, or a spouse. If they make us mad, we rise up in pride and file for divorce. And that is what divorce is: PRIDE. It is saying that you are better and the other person isn't worthy of you. Your faults aren't as bad as theirs. Any two Christians can work out any marriage through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13). But often times we see God as this distant deity who looks the other way when we make mistakes. After all, He just wants us to be happy, right? God is more concerned with HOLINESS! Dealing with marriage conflict shows our character. If we fight for our marriage, we show the character of Christ. If we rise up in pride and seek divorce, it shows the character of satan. Christ is concerned with building our character, but it is up to us to decide whether we are going to live the Christian walk, or just talk it.

     OBEDIENCE - If we truly love God, we will obey Him (John 14:15). Sure we will make mistakes, but we wont deliberately set out to defy Him. But if we see God as this distant person that really doesn't care about what we do but is good to have around at times, then He merely becomes our acquaintance and we will sin. I've heard some say, "Divorce isn't the unpardonable sin." No it isn't. Neither is murder. But since when is it OK to deliberately defy God whatever the reason? Divorce isn't something that just happens by mistake. It is deliberate and calculating. Divorce is the refusal to humble oneself. Divorce is loving only when people are lovable, and hating them when they are not. Christians must obey God whether or not their spouses are lovable. EVERY marriage will end in divorce if one sees themselves as better or independent. God calls us to be interdependent and act with one mind and purpose. One who files for divorce doesn't comprehend this, or care about it. They don't think in terms of the marriage, but in terms of themselves. You must base your marriage on CHRIST, not on your spouse! You must love your spouse based on GOD's performance, not your spouses! (this is what Agape love is) This is so important because until you get this, you are living a worldly life and are missing the whole point of what Jesus died for! I want to thank those that have told me this, over and over, and I know they wont mind me using their words.

     I set up this site under God's direction, to try to help those who's marriages are in trouble. The most important person in the entire world is the one you are married to. You are being tested to see just how much you love the Lord (1Peter 1:6-7).

     I will do all I can to help you find a ministry in your own area that can help. If you suspect your spouse has borderline personality disorder, I can help you especially with what not to do. I know the devastation and pain you feel. I know you love your spouse or you wouldn't be here.

     Some marriages just need an attitude change. Some just need a little more communication. Not all problems are demonic. But if your spouse has been abused in childhood, there is most likely a demonic root. Not all problems are related to borderline personality disorder, but it is an epidemic and a favorite tool of the devil. That is why I spend so much space on it. Whatever your situation, deliverance in the name of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit can eliminate every wall between you and Jesus, and between you and your spouse. You two are one. It's YOUR problem, not her problem or his problem. Keep that in mind because it is much easier to fight TOGETHER than against each other. All your marriage needs is a good dose of the Holy Ghost! If you don't believe this, you don't trust Lord. You are saying that He can't help your marriage. If you believe this, who is the Lord of your life?
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