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My Testimony

     My name is MJ Huebert. September 4th, 1999 was and still is the happiest day of my life. That was the day I married my beautiful wife. She really is something special! But within two weeks, I realized something was wrong beyond normal marriage conflict. Ten months later, my lovely wife was gone. Almost immediately prophecy after prophecy started pouring in from people around the country that were given Words of Knowledge and visions that the devil was out to destroy my marriage because a call had been placed on my wife and I to serve the Lord together in global ministry. A husband/wife ministry team is an extremely dangerous thing to satan's kingdom!

"I loved the Lord, but my focus was on worldly desires instead of God’s desires for me."
     I'm believing for the return of my wife. If you are in a similar situation, I believe I can be of great help. I've learned a lot about what NOT to do. I've made many mistakes. You may have come here to get your spouse help. That is great. However, YOU need to get help just as much! We experience trials and tribulations to purify us. I was not useful in fulfilling God's purpose before this happened. I needed a wake-up call. I needed the one person that I love with my entire being to be taken away from me in order to put my eyes on Jesus. I loved the Lord, but my focus was on worldly desires instead of God's desires for me.

     When my wife left, I was crushed and devastated. I could hardly eat for 2 weeks and lost 25 pounds. I passed out and was knocked unconscious, losing 30 minutes of my life. All I remember was the ambulance ride to the hospital. I was broken physically, emotionally, and spiritually. If this is where you are, take heart. You are nearer to your Savior now than you have ever been. It is when you are in the valley that you will be open to God's refining touch. God uses valleys to bring you face to face with Christ! This is how He works. He has to get past the pride and stubbornness in order to HEAL us and make us what HE wants us to be. When you are on your knees, face down on the ground, with a broken and contrite heart, and all your pride laid aside, not only will your Savior hear you, but He will build you up the way He wants to, from scratch.

Good scriptures on valleys:

     "…at the present you may be temporarily harassed by all kinds of trials. This is no accident - it happens to prove your faith…" 1 Peter 1:6b-7 (PH)

     "God will strengthen you with his own great power so that you will not give up when troubles come, but you will be patient." Colossians 1:11 (NCV)

     "When you go through deep waters and great troubles, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown! When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up - the flames will not consume you." Isaiah 43:2 (LB)

     "The good man does not escape all troubles - he has them too. But the Lord helps him in each and every one." Psalms 34:19 (LB)

"But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him." Hebrews 11:6
     The Lord led me to deliverance. I didn't really know anything about it. After all, I am a Christian. What do I need deliverance for? I didn't understand it but the Lord's leading was there so I investigated what deliverance was. I found out that it is simply the removal of walls, obstacles, strongholds, and spirits that keep us from being all that God intended for us to be.

     I went to a "deliverance church" and watched some deliverance services. I watched several wives do the same things to their husbands in church as mine had done to me at home. Wives who loved their husbands were clawing them right before my eyes. Clawing is a common demonic manifestation. Men were doing strange things too. My eyes were opened that there was a spiritual fight going on and that my wife was not the enemy, but a victim of her past. She had told me a little about the abuse she had suffered as a child, but never went into much detail. She said she had dealt with it, but anytime you bury something that isn't dead, it comes back up. I realized that the Lord Jesus was showing me what was happening in my marriage and that I also needed to be free from bondage in my own life. As the bondage started being removed from my life, I started to see more and more of what the Lord wanted to do in my own life.

     The first step in helping your spouse is to get the junk out of your own life. If your spouse needs deliverance, you need it just as much. It is important to focus on getting your own life in order before you focus on your spouse. Some people, especially victims of childhood physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, may have more bondage to get rid of. The amount isn't important. What is important is that you humble YOURSELF and get rid of what YOU have so that YOU can be the best spouse YOU can be. Your behavior towards your spouse does NOT depend on them. True humility will be rewarded, and may even attract your spouse back to you. Getting deliverance helped me realize the stupid things that I had done. It helped me realize who Jesus is and that He wants me to act like Him as much as possible regardless of how others act around me. That means NO bitterness and NO unforgiveness and accepting and loving my spouse no matter what. Christian love is unconditional! This is Christ's message to His church!

     I know the Lord has great plans for my wife and I. My wife was given a prophetic word from a friend that she would marry someone identical to me in every way and that I would eventually be an evangelist. Since that day, that word has been confirmed about 10 times by people that don't know each other! Once was awesome enough but 10 times is no coincidence for sure! Since my wife left, the Lord has been preparing me to be a vessel for Him. It took her leaving for God to be able to work in me because she was my life. I idolized her. My wife, not God, completed my life. I've always loved her with all my heart. She was my joy. I loved showing her off. I've always been mesmerized by her beauty since the first time I saw her. I'll never forget that moment at Los Angeles International Airport when I knew she was the one.

      I didn't know why she would do the things she did and that would make me mad because she hurt me so bad, but even so I'd get over it quickly and thank God for her. But when she left, the joy was gone. I realized that only God is the source of true joy and that I hadn't put Him at the top of my list. As I turned to God, He started preparing the way for me. He doesn't want us to just be happy, (a favorite excuse for those who rationalize divorce) He wants us to trust and obey Him so He can give us true joy. He wants us to be HOLY before Him. That joy only comes through obedience.

This is God has been saying through prophetic ministry and to my heart:

     He plans for us to be part of a global evangelistic ministry.
     He plans for us to have a daughter and a son (according to the minister that had the vision, they are cute!).
     I'm to get training in the ministry (in progress).
     I'm to set up a website to help others, free of charge, going through similar circumstances.
     We are to move upon her return and establish a ministry headquarters (I believe to the San Diego area).
     We are to take employment that will allow us the time to continue training in the ministry.

     God has already provided an employment opportunity for the both of us in the San Diego area and is in the process of providing business opportunities in the telecommunications and internet fields. Once I started depending on Him, He started laying everything out for me. I realize that He will not force anyone to obey His will, but I'm living in faith that my wife will return and we can proceed in the ministry together, according to God's will.

     Now I'm waiting for my wife to return. My entire life has changed and I know He wants to do a work in her. I've learned a lot, especially of what NOT to do. No matter how things look, we must walk by FAITH, not by Sight (2 Cor 5:7). For without faith, it is impossible to please God (Heb 11:6). Love your spouse unconditionally. Let them know that no matter what, you will always be there, just like God is always there. Seek Jesus will all your heart and let Him use you as a powerful witness. Do things in His timing not yours. When He told me that I was to start this ministry, I told Him He was nuts! "I'm not ready", I said. He kept impressing on me that in order to be helped, I needed to help. I wanted to wait until my wife returned, but He had other ideas. So Wings As Eagles Ministries was born.

     You and your spouse can be free in the name of Jesus. It may not be easy, and you will have to give up your life to Jesus in order to be completely free. But the Lord wants to save your marriage. He HATES divorce. Divorce for the Christian who loves and desires to serve the Lord is not an option. Period! When your marriage hits the fan, it is a test to see whether or not you will truly obey Christ when things go bad. Make loving and serving Christ your highest goal and He will deliver you.

     My testimony is still in progress. Someday soon it will read "Our Testimony", and we will minister to other couples together.

Is life supposed to be like this,
Is there supposed to be so many tears?
Am I supposed to hurt so bad and have so many fears?
If You are the Light of the World,
Why do you seem so dim?
I long for things to go so right,
Instead of being grim.
And so I work & work with all my might,
And try to do everything just right.
I'll fix this if it's the last thing I do,
Even if I have to put it ahead of You.
The light grows dimmer, it's dark as night.
Where are you Lord, No solution is in sight.

The wicked one came and destroyed my work,
Around every corner he seemed to lurk.
I seemed no match for this mighty foe,
I was trapped and had no where to go.
He raised his sword for one final blow…

*Then I cried out - JESUS SAVE ME! *

The enemy froze with great surprise,
I could hardly believe my eyes.
He turned and ran in enormous fright,
Behind me glowed a faint dim light.
I turned around and who did I see?
It was Jesus - I fell down to my knees.
Jesus, why is your light so dim?

* My light is not dim, you just can't see, He said. *
* Help me to see, I said *
* Focus on Me and not "me", He said *

And with that scales fell from my eyes -
It was no longer dim.
This whole time my eyes were looking at me,
Instead of on Him.
It was no longer dark, it was shining bright.
There wasn't a single shadow in sight.
He said, Now what is it that you want me to do?
Ask and I'll do it for you.

And He did everything that I hadn't been able to do.
He said, With my strength, nothing is impossible for you.
All I ask is that you put me first,
Then you will never need clothing, go hungry, or thirst.
Love others as I love them, do not hold a grudge.
Be quick to forgive, and never too prideful to budge.
Remember, I suffered and died though you betrayed me, too.
Show the same grace and mercy to others, as I've shown to you.

* Now go and save the lost, heal the sick, and cast out devils in My name *

And now when I use His name, Demons turn and run,
I don't use my strength, but the strength of the Son.
I've laid my hurts and fears at the foot of the cross,
And turned my attention to help others and save the lost.
He has promised to restore all that was once taken away,
I look forward to that soon coming day.
When I can look into her eyes, and say, "I love you", and she will know it is true.
And we can serve Him together, forever, as He intends for us to do
-by MJ Huebert
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